Tikka T3 Battue 300WinMag Rifle

Calibre: 300WinMag
Make: Tikka
Model: T3
Action: Centrefire / Bolt Action
Sights/Scope: TruGlo Sights
Condition: Brand New
Serial: H32610
Part No.: TIKKA T3 BATT300WM
Tikka T3 Battue 300WinMag Rifle
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The short-barreled Tikka T3 Battue is specially designed for fast target acquisition. Battue rifles are built for hunting situations where the game is running or in motion, enabling easy targeting over relatively short distances.

They are also the top choice for hunters who trek and hunt in heavy-cover territories.

The perfectly balanced and highly visible battue sights with TruGlo® optic fibers enable fast and easy aiming. With the addition of a rifle scope and OptilockTM scope mounts, the T3 Battue even has the accuracy to reach game at longer distances.