Howa 1500 Sporter .30-06Sprg Blued Fluted Barrel

Calibre: 30-06Sprg
Make: Howa
Model: 1500 Sporter Blued Fluted
Action: Centrefire / Bolt Action
Condition: Brand New
Serial: MTO
Part No.: HBAF3006
Howa 1500 Sporter Blued Fluted 30 06Sprg Barrel
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The Howa 1500 represents the best value bolt action rifle in Australia. With thousands sold over the years, Howa rifles are a proven performer.

Unlike many competitors, there are no plastic parts on the action, bar the magazine follower. This means peace of mind for the owner, knowing that the rifle will last, removing potential for failure at a crucial moment. Receiver and bolt are steel. Bolt has integral bolt handle, bolt faces are square to barrel chamber, and bolt faces have excellent contact with recess, ensuring accuracy.

Many shooters know that the trigger on any rifle is one of the inherent focal points for achieved accuracy and safety. The new Howa HACT two stage match triggers provide you the shooter with the instant ability to achieve better accuracy right out of the box.

All Howa’s have a 3 position safety which allows for bolts to be locked down and also allows for actions to be UNLOADED while on SAFE. This is valuable for youth guns, moving through difficult terrain, and checking reloaded ammunition.

Our factory barrels are Hammer Forged and are chambered symmetrically at center of axis with head space set to stringent and exacting specs resulting in maximum accuracy and consistent bores.

Howa rifles use the proven hinged floorplate internal magazine system.
Detachable magazine system not available on Long Action calibres
Howa rifles are manufactured in Japan to exacting tolerances.