MAXBOX Door Pro Foam & Magnetic Door Rest

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MAXBOX Door Pro Foam + Magnetic Door Rest
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The Maxbox Door Pro Magnetic Rifle Shooting Rest Designed specifically for shooters that prefer to shoot from the comfort of the vehible whilst in a seated position The ideal rifle rest for the Professional and Sporting Shooter.

It allows the driver or any of the passengers to shoot from any window. Takes seconds to assemble and disassemble Does not require any nuts, bolts, screws, straps or brackets Packs away into a compact box Designed to withstand speeds up to 90km/hr Shock resistant, water proof, weather proof and unbreakable Made of black EVA foam.

Consists of nine Rare Earth Magnets - 3 on both inner walls, 2 on top of the U shape block and one on the spacer. Magnets are covered with protective red foam capping to prevent scratching.