Vixen Geoma II ED 52-S Spotting Scope

Part No.: 18053
Vixen Geoma II ED 52 S Spotting Scope
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Eyepiece Included
52mm ED Glass Objective Lens
Multicoated Optics
Integrated Retractable Lens Shade
Collapsing Body

Vixen's smallest scope equipped with ED glass, the Geoma II ED 52mm Spotting Scope is a collapsing body model that's perfect for casual observing from a monopod, car window mount, or even hand-held upon occasion. There's a host of optional eyepieces which can provide high magnification, wide fields, or tiny dimensions. This scope is a great secondary device to use (with your binocular as your main stable entry) on a wildlife observing excursion.

The main advantage of the Geoma II ED is its objective lens of ED (extra-low dispersion) glass, which is an expensive process that produces a more refined alignment of color at the point of focus. Whenever observing at high magnification or with heavily-backlit subjects, the ED glass advantage is apparent to any observer. Subject color fidelity and edge delineation are precise, and free of distracting ebbs in the resolving power of the lens.

This is the straight viewing version of the Geoma II ED; an angled viewing model's also available. Most users will prefer locating their subject with a straight viewer, but the angled viewing models are easier to share in a group. If observing from an elevated position, a straight viewing model's preferable. Eyepiece Included.