Flextone WTF Grunt'r Game Caller

Part No.: FLXDR072
Price: $59.95
Flextone WTF Grunt+39r Game Caller
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Don and Kandi Kisky of Whitetail Freaks know the right call can save your hunt. After listening to countless hours of whitetail vocalizations, they found one area where traditional deer calls just weren't getting it right: inflection.

Deer sounds aren't monotone – they fluctuate in pitch. Bearing this in mind, Flextone teamed up with Whitetail Freaks to create the ultimate grunt call. The WTF Grunt'R™ uses Inflection Chamber Technology to mimic the natural inflection in sounds made my rutting deer. Compress, expand or bend the chamber to instantly change the sound of your call. The chamber can even cut off airflow, creating the sound of an out-of-breath buck. And that's not all: Tru-Touch® buttons for failure-proof doe and fawn sounds plus a durable snort wheeze chamber will enhance your call library even more.

Bring mature bucks out of thick cover to meet you in bow range with the WTF Grunt'R.

Grunts, roars and snort wheezes
Inflection chamber creates realistic tones
Tru-Touch® buttons for perfect doe and fawn sounds