Klarus XT12GT Hunting Torch Kit & Accessories

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Klarus XT12GT Hunting Torch Kit and Accessories
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All-in-one Hunting Light
The Klarus XT12GT Hunting Kit is an all inclusive hunting light setup that has everything you need to get out on your hunt. This version of the ultra popular XT12GT comes with all of the basics, including an 18650 battery, magnetic charging cable and holster. New with the hunting kit are the combination of a reliable gun mount, Klarus TRS1 remote switch for easy on/off action and the Klarus FT12 set of filters (Red, Blue and Green). The gun mount and remote switch make light activation while hunting quick and easy, with the simple press of a pressure pad that you can attach wherever you like on your weapon. Each of the three included filters have their own night vision altering and enhancing effects, allowing you to become the true apex predator. All of these items are nicely packaged in an easy to handle carrying case that will fit snugly amongst the rest of your hunting gear.

XT12GT Tactical Hunting Flashlight
The Klarus XT12GT itself is the same incredibly popular tactical flashlight you know and love. When separated from he hunting kit accessories it is activated with a handy dual tail switch design made for quick, decisive action. A powerful CREE XHP35 HI D4 LED has this monster of a light producing a 1600 lumen beam that reaches nearly 2000 feet in distance! So even when you're not out hunting game, the XT12GT is a great choice for any outdoor activity from hiking to search and rescue operations.

Now Available in Neutral White
Same punch, different color temperature. The Klarus XT12GT is now available in Neutral White. Containing all of the same features, like a 1600 lumen beam, tactical switch interface, and stainless steel strike bezel, the XT12GT is perfect for any sort of operation. For hunting prey outside or hiking, you will need Neutral White to light the way.

Body crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with hard-anodized finish
Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass lens with anti-corrosion coating
Stainless steel strike bezel used to break glass, as a self defense tool
Dual tactical switch interface can be operated using just one hand
Primary Switch: Used to turn the light ON/OFF. While light is OFF, can be lightly pressed to temporarily access Turbo Mode.
Mode Switch: While light is ON, used to cycle through outputs. While light is OFF, used to temporarily access either Low Mode or Strobe Mode.
Features a pair of Programmable Settings for multi-purpose use
Tactical Setting - Access to Turbo, High, and Low Modes. Temporary access to Strobe Mode.
Outdoor Setting - Access to Turbo, High, Medium, Low, and S.O.S. Modes. Temporary access to Low Mode.
Can be recharged internally using the included magnetic charging cable
LED Power Indicator ring around charging surface displays battery's remaining charge
ITS temperature control and heat-dissipating fins help prevent overheating