Gamebore Black Gold Dark Storm 12Ga 28Gram #7-1/2 Qty 25 Packet

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Gamebore Black Gold Dark Storm 12Ga 28Gram 712 Qty 25 Packet
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Building on the blistering performance of the 28grm Dark Storm game load, this plastic wad competition load is designed for extreme Sporting clay targets and FITASC, delivering devastating performance and patterns at the longest range.


VelocityUltra high performance with a muzzle velocity of 1550 feet per second.
HD CasingHigh density polymer plastic case designed to perform in Gamebore's premium, high performance range to give easy loading and smooth ejection from a case made specifically for these demanding loads
CX2000 PrimerThe most highly consistent and reliable primer available, this is used throughout our cartridges to give the shooter the utmost reliability and confidence.
F2 PowderExclusive to Gamebore in the UK, this range of powders has become synonymous with outstanding performance and delivers blistering speeds at range without excessive felt recoil.
Nickel Brass HeadNickel plated to give smooth, consistent and reliable ejection in higher performance loads.
Gamebore Wad SystemPlastic wads manufactured in house to unique designs and exacting standards to give consistent performance and deliver perfect patterns every time.
Diamond Lead ShotGamebore's precision, lead shot is produced at Gamebore in the only working shot tower in the UK and used exclusively by ourselves.
Power House DivisionCartridges developed using exclusive components and extensive R&D
Ultimate PerformanceDeveloped to ensure each component combine to give their maximum potential and deliver results which are greater than the sum of their parts - simply the cutting edge of performance cartridges.
Extended RangeThese cartridges are designed to deliver unsurpassed performance down range where it matters most giving knockdown performance others simply cannot match.