Gamebore Blue Diamond 12Ga 28Gram #7-1/2 Qty 250 Slab

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Gamebore Blue Diamond 12Ga 28Gram 712 Qty 250 Slab
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The Blue Diamond delivers outstanding patterns with very moderate recoil due to the Baschieri and Pellagri Gordon Recoil Reduction System. Coupled with Diamond shot and Vectan powder available with either plastic or fibre wad, this os a must for any competitive shooter seeking performance without excessive recoil.


VelocityUp to 1430 Feet Per Second (FPS)
Gordon Case SystemThe legendary and revolutionary designed base wad incorporated within the case head reduces recoil by up to 15% allowing higher performance, long range loads.
CX2000 PrimerThe most highly consistent and reliable primer available, this is used throughout our cartridges to give the shooter the utmost reliability and confidence.
Vectan PowderClean burning, reliable, consistently smooth powders from Nobel Sport FR a leader in powder production. Vectan powder is the top of the range powder that Noble Sport FR produce from their range.
Gamebore Wad SystemPlastic wads manufactured in house to unique designs and exacting standards to give consistent performance and deliver perfect patterns every time.
Diamond Lead ShotGamebore's precision, lead shot is produced at Gamebore in the only working shot tower in the UK and used exclusively by Gamebore.
High VelocityCartridges with high velocity ideal for perfomance use and demanding disiplines where targets are at range.
Moderate RecoilThe recoil is moderate and may be reduced further if a heavier gun or other recoil reducing measures are adopted.