Gamebore Platinum Trap 12Ga 28Gram #7-1/2 Qty 25 Packet

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Gamebore Platinum Trap 12Ga 28Gram 712 Qty 25 Packet
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Gamebore have designed ammunition for Trap shooters with the Platinum Trap. Developed in conjunction with GB Olympic Team coach Ian Coley MBE, this trap special features 20mm nickel plated heads, 7.5 or 8 Diamond shot and Gamebore’s F2 powder. The cartridges have a muzzle velocity that’s been measured at 1475 feet per second. The Platinum Trap range combines the highest quality components to deliver a smooth but fast performance for all Trap disciplines.


VelocityUp to 1475 Feet Per Second (FPS)
Nickel Brass HeadNickel plated to give smooth, consistent and reliable ejection in higher performance loads.
Diamond Lead ShotGamebore's precision, lead shot is produced at Gamebore in the only working shot tower in the UK and used exclusively by Gamebore.
F2 PowderExclusive to Gamebore in the UK, this range of powders has become synonymous with outstanding performance and delivers blistering speeds at range without excessive felt recoil.
CX2000 PrimerThe most highly consistent and reliable primer available, this is used throughout our cartridges to give the shooter the utmost reliability and confidence.
Gamebore Wad SystemPlastic wads manufactured in house to unique designs and exacting standards to give consistent performance and deliver perfect patterns every time.