Beretta 694 DTL 12Gauge Adjustable Stock 30"

Calibre: 12Gauge
Make: Beretta
Model: 694 DTL
Action: Break Open / Under & Over
Condition: Brand New
Serial: ST09575R
Part No.: N29223
Beretta 694 DTL 12Gauge Adjustable Stock 30+quot
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Introducing the brand new configuration of the popular Beretta 694, the DTL Step Rib. Designed specifically for Australian requirements, the new DTL Step Rib is a fantastic addition to the 694 family.

Featuring 30” Steelium plus barrels with a 10x8mm wide, 7mm high step rib, and adjustable stock, the 694 DTL Step Rib will set you apart from the competition. It comes standard with 5 flush OCHP chokes and is ready for barrel weight system, both side rib and under forend*

*barrel weights not included