Marlin 444 American .444Marlin Lever Action

Calibre: .444Marlin
Make: Marlin
Model: 444 American
Action: Centrefire / Lever Action
Condition: Brand New
Serial: 70540
Part No.: MAR 444 AMER 444MAR
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Marlin 444 American 444Marlin Lever Action
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The long-awaited return of the 444 Marlin is finally here and more reliable than ever before. This hard-hitting big-bore rifle will shoot a lighter bullet, faster, with a flatter trajectory, more energy (inside 200 yards) and with less recoil than a 45-70 Govt. The 444 Marlin is perfect for medium-sized, thin-skinned game like whitetail deer all the way up to the big brutes like moose and elk.

22" barrel, Ballard rifling
1:20" twist rate
Adjustable semi-buckhorn rear sights
Polished blue finish
Four round magazine (total capacity – 5)
American black walnut stock with pistol grip
40 1/2" long