Ridgeline Ascent Rapid Lace Boots!

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Ridgeline Ascent Rapid Lace Boots
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Ridgeline Ascent Rapid Lace Boots
Ridgeline Ascent Rapid Lace Boots

This lightweight, waterproof boot has been built for maximum stealth and agility by using a moulded fabric upper on a quiet and flexible sole. It's the ideal boot for long distance flats, hilly terrain, bushland/grasslands and forrest. The Ascent also features the ATOP rapid fastening system to provide you with:

Less chance to trip than you encounter with traditional laces
Quick lacing for faster get up and go
Quick release from boot when required
Equally distributed front tension, for a more comfortable fit

All sizes are US.

PRO-TIP: Wearing gaiters over your boots will prevent them from getting wet in long grass, this makes sure water doesn't enter the top of the boot and leak inside the insulation.