Dickinson T1000 Tactical FDE Left Hand 12Ga Straight Pull 20in.

Calibre: 12Gauge
Make: Dickinson
Model: T1000 Tactical FDE
Action: Shotgun / Straight Pull
Condition: Brand New
Serial: B07761X
Part No.: N949
Dickinson T1000 Tactical FDE Left Hand 12Ga Straight Pull 20in
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This Dickinson Has A Mark On The Action!

The high-quality construction and smooth performance of this straight pull is streets ahead of the rest. Add to that its modest price tag, and it's easy to see why the T1000 has been so popular with Australian shooters.

6+1 Capacity
NEW: FDE stock
20" Barrels LH
Synthetic Pistol Grip Stock
Ghost sights & Weaver style rail
5 x Mobil Chokes (1 x Extended Full, 4 x Flush)
3” Chamber
Straight pull shotgun design
Pull the bolt handle backwards, and it allows fast ejection of spent shells, quick reloading from the magazine tube, and re-cocking of the firing pin. Once you let go of the bolt handle it feeds the next round into the chamber ready to be fired. It is as easy as it sounds, and it allows faster follow up shots.

NEW: 6-Shot model in FDE
Get all the benefits a straight pull shotgun offers, and get 6 shots, instead of the regular 4!

Dickinson is the biggest name in straight pull shotguns in Australia – and it is with good reason. As soon as you handle the T1000, you can feel its quality and see just how smooth this bolt action really is – head in and experience it for yourself!