Flip Target Xtreme 1200 For 22LR

Part No.: XTREME 1200
Price: $69.95
Flip Target Xtreme 1200 For 22LR
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Constructed with AR500 Extreme Steel

This steel is an advanced ballistic grade steel which is much harder than traditional steel and other alternatives. It is used in military grade equipment, such as body armour, as opposed to simple "bulletproof vests". This steel doesn't just catch bullets, it literally stops them, and they flatten and spatter sideways upon impact. The material measures in on the Brinell Hardness Scale (BNH) between 504 and 519 - while regular stainless steel is around 235HB. At flip-target, the products are engineered to be not only aesthetically and functionally beautiful in design, but we are also adamant about using the highest quality materials available to ensure resistance, safety and product longevity.


A unique design, created from a solid slab of steel without welding seams, therefore free of any areas weakened by shots
Large impact zones that are visible even from longer distances
Extreme resistance
Safety distance 7m (Handgun) or 15m (Rifle)
Anti-ricochet system which absorbs impacts without bending even from short distances
This product is supported with resistance and anti-ricochet safety certificates, making them the ONLY targets in the world with such qualifications. Beware of imitations.