Havalon Hydra Red Knife

Part No.: 736370522100
Price: $195.00
Havalon Hydra Red Knife
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Havalon Hydra Red Knife
Havalon Hydra Red Knife

The Havalon Hydra is the most versatile knife ever created. With a total of 17 blades in 7 different styles, the complete Hydra kit has everything you need to take on the great outdoors. Whether you’re field dressing a trophy buck or filleting the catch of the day, the multi-bladed Havalon Hydra is the only tool you need.

● 7 styles of replaceable blades
● 3 additional Baracuta blades, one each of Fillet (#127XT), Hunter (#115XT) and Bone Saw (#115SW)
● 12 additional Piranta blades, three each of #60A, #70A, #22XT and #22
● 5-7/8” aluminum alloy handle
● Liner-lock construction
● Piranta safety lock
● Fits all Piranta and Baracuta blades
● Zipper carrying case included