Stoeger X20 Sport .22Air With 4x32 Scope Combo

Calibre: .22Air
Make: Stoeger
Model: X20 Sport
Action: Air Rifle / Break Open
Sights/Scope: 4X32 Scope
Condition: Brand New
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Stoeger X20 Sport 22Air With 4x32 Scope Combo
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The RX20 Sport pushes out an alloy projectile at a blistering 1200fps, allowing for the ultimate knockdown power in an air rifle. With its replaceable grips, hi-vis sights and oversized barrel shroud for easy cocking, the RX20 Sport performs and handles like a full sized rifle. The RX Series airguns offer exceptional feel and accuracy right out of the box. These fantastic new features and modern look make the RX20 Sport an excellent choice for all shooters no matter their experience level.