Lithgow LA102 Crossover Poly/Black 6.5Creedmoor 22in.

Calibre: 6.5Creedmoor
Make: Lithgow
Model: LA102 Crossover Poly/Black
Action: Centrefire / Bolt Action
Condition: Brand New
Serial: Y06401
Part No.: N958
Lithgow LA102 Crossover PolyBlack 65Creedmoor 22in
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The LA102 CrossOver brings Lithgow quality, accuracy and reliability to centrefire cartridges. The LA102 maintains the military, form-following-function style of the LA101 rifle with reinforced polymer stock, broad flat fore end and Cerakote™ treated barrel and receiver. Accuracy, now synonymous with the Lithgow Arms brand, is assured by our floated, choked hammer forged barrels with semi-match chambers and three-lug lock up bolts. The new, three lever style trigger module fitted to the LA102 is adjustable for weight, sear engagement and overdraw.

Available in centrefire calibres 223REM, 243WIN, 6.5mm Creedmoor and 308WIN.