Lithgow LA102 Signature Laminate/Titanium 223Rem 22in.

Calibre: 223Rem
Make: Lithgow
Model: LA102 Signature Laminate/Titanium
Action: Centrefire / Bolt Action
Condition: Brand New
Serial: Y16300
Part No.: N2175
Price: $1,945.00
Lithgow LA102 Signature LaminateTitanium 223Rem 22in
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LA102 Signature Edition includes spiral fluted bolt and bolt handle. “Crossover Signature” is etched onto the bolt handle.

CALIBRES: .223, .243, 6.5CM, .308,

OVERALL LENGTH: 1067-1087mm (polymer adjustable stock), 1077mm (Timber)

WEIGHT: 3.5kg (Polymer Stock), 3.7kg (Timber)

BARREL: Proprietary, military grade steel, cold hammer forged. Medium varmint weight, target crowned. Coated in Cerakote™.


RIFLING: 6 Groove. 223Rem – 1 in 9” twist, 243Win – 1 in 10” twist, 308Win – 1 in 11” twist, 6.5 Creedmoor 1 in 8” twist

MUZZLE THREAD (optional): M14 x 1 Right Hand

RECEIVER: High tensile steel with plate recoil lug. Picatinny rail. Coated in Cerakote™.

STOCK: Floating design with 3 sling studs, available in polymer, walnut and laminate.

LENGTH OF PULL: 338-358mm (polymer adjustable) 348mm (Timber).

TRIGGER: Single stage, three way adjustable for weight, sear engagement and draw length. Factory set at 1.5kg, adjustment range 0.75kg – 1.9kg.

SAFETY: Two position, bolt shroud mounted, rotating safety catch with indicator. Safety catchover-cocks and blocks the firing pin and disconnects the trigger.

MAGAZINE: Removable, single stack box magazine, polymer construction. 223Rem – 4 round, 243Win – 3 round, 308Win – 3 round, 6.5 Creedmoor -3 round