Sako 90 Hunter Stainless 308Win 22.4in.

Calibre: 308Win
Make: Sako
Model: 90 Hunter Stainless
Action: Centrefire / Bolt Action
Condition: Brand New
Serial: EM0008
Part No.: N2362
Price: $3,395.00
Sako 90 Hunter Stainless 308Win 224in
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The Sako 90 Hunter comes with world-class Sako features, including legendary Sako accuracy, smooth bolt operation and perfect balance, making it a valued rifle to both own and shoot. The design combines a walnut stock with either blued or stainless metal parts. Open sights are available for the blued barrel option. The popular Hunter stock continues to fulfil the needs of many hunters who are looking for a straightforward and elegant walnut stock rifle for versatile hunting. Combined with either a blued or stainless barreled action, stainless steel bolt and the new Sako 90 Optilock interface for optics mounting, the Sako 90 guarantees reliable and safe operation. All this makes the Sako 90 Hunter a truly classic rifle for dedicated hunters.