CZ 457 American Walnut L/Hand 22LR Threaded 24in.

Calibre: 22LR
Make: CZ
Model: 457 American Walnut Left Hand
Action: Rimfire / Bolt Action
Condition: Brand New
Serial: G388694
Part No.: N2046
Price: $1,225.00
CZ 457 American Walnut LHand 22LR Threaded 24in
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Left-handed version of the CZ 457 American model. A rimfire rifle embodying an example of classic American sport and hunting guns. The varnished American style stock is made from high quality walnut and checkering on the grip incorporates a fleur-de-lis motif. The thin-walled, cold hammer forged barrel is 630 mm long and has no iron sights.

Positive Safety
Separate Bolt Removal Control
Open and remove bolt even with safety engaged
Striker Status Indicator
Adjustable Trigger Mechanism
Lighter Striker for increased speed and reduced vibration during firing
New type of bedding for constant tightening of screws in stock
60 degree rotation of bolt handle
New ergonomic stocks
Easy barrel replacement for quickly changing calibres
Cold hammer forged barrel