Beretta 692 Sporter 30" Round Forend Ajustable Stock

Calibre: 12Gauge
Make: Beretta
Model: 692 30" Sporter
Action: Break Open / Under & Over
Part No.: BER 692SP30RNDAS
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Beretta 692 Sporter 30+quot Round Forend Ajustable Stock
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The 682 has been a glorious product, with more than 50.000 pcs sold worldwide in the last decade. After the successful release of the DT11, Beretta is now making the legendary 682 evolve into a new, extraordinary product: the 692.


The new competition O/U by Beretta.

It is the successful mix of tradition and technology, to provide better ballistics and ergonomics, together with the elegant design that makes this shotgun absolutely outstanding. It includes 3 new core features: Steelium Plus Barrel, Wider Receiver, B-Fast System. It has a new outstanding look, in a perfect family-feeling with the DT11; The receiver design is elegant and technical, with a shiny-polished profile on side plates and bottom, combined with breathtaking black-gold finish. Another new feature of the 692 is the composite opening lever. It is, for the first time ever, over-molded with a soft-touch polymeric insert to give amazing “touch & feel” and perfect grip.

Steelium Plus Barrel

Every Beretta barrel has a 3-part internal geometry: cylindric (the chamber), conic and then cylindric again. The length of the conic segment has a strong impact the performance of the barrel. At the beginning of the Steelium era, all the competition barrels had a similar profile (65mm for a 76cm barrel) and that profile was shared by all the Beretta competition over & unders. Beretta has always been one of the best barrel manufacturer in the world, with more than 500.000 barrels produced per year. Every customer purchasing a Steelium barrel has always been sure to get the best barrel ever made by Beretta.

Recently, with the development of the new DT11, Beretta started to segmentate the Steelium barrel creating Steelium Pro, a new standard for the very best competition over and under, the DT11. Now Beretta completes the segmentation of Steelium, giving to the 692 a dedicated barrel: the Steelium Plus.

Steelium Plus has a 5.5 times longer conic profile than Steelium. The longer conic profile results in better weight distribution, smoother pressure dynamics inside the barrel which in turn results in optimized behaviour of the barrel during the shot giving you improved ballistic performance.

Wider Receiver

A competition O/U should have as much weight as possible in the receiver area, to provide higher stability before and after each shot. This is what the Wider Receiver does. The receiver of the new 692 is now wider and it is exactly in the middle between the 682 and the DT11. The Wider Receiver provides improved balance and more stability before and after the shot resulting in better shouldering and faster target acquisition

B-FAST System

B-FAST is the acronym of “Beretta Fast Adjustment System Technology” and it is a system combining modular adjusting devices specifically designed for Beretta shotguns. Every device that is (or will be in the future) dedicated to adjustability, will be part of the B-FAST system.

B-FAST is currently made of 3 devices; B-FAST Comb, B-FAST Balance and B-FAST Rib.

B-FAST Comb:

Developed for the new DT11, the B-FAST Comb is a strong adjustable stock device that improves dramatically the previous Memory System. Made of steel and aluminum, the B-FAST allows easy and reliable adjustment, together with the memory feature of the colored polymeric wads.

B-FAST Balance:

The B-FAST Balance system is a brand new adjusting device specifically designed to allow all the shooters to set their own, specific desired balance through steel wads installed into the stock. The B-FAST Balance is not only smart, but it also allows to customize stock length without compromising the system. Ideally it can be fitted in any custom stock by the stock-maker.

The first wad not only behaves as the first balance correction, but it is also the fixing point for the additional wads, avoiding the fixing screw to work directly on wood. The system is extremely effective: the weight wads are placed as far as possible from the hinge pins, allowing the maximum balance correction for every unit of weight added to the stock.

All the 692 are factory balanced, with additional wads included in the box, to allow each customer to (eventually) change the standard balance at their own convenience. This is the solution to the natural wood density variability, allowing the shooter the chose their perfect balance between the position of the center of gravity and the overall weight.