Beretta 692 Black Edition 30" Sporter

Calibre: 12Gauge
Make: Beretta
Model: 692 Black Edition Sporter
Action: Break Open / Under & Over
Condition: Brand New
Serial: MTO
Part No.: BER 692BLKSP30RND
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Beretta 692 Black Edition 30andquot Sporter
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At its core is a 1.6" wide receiver designed to give superior balance and stability as well as intuitive shouldering and fast target acquisition by placing more weight between the hands. Also, the black action is engineered to withstand the rigours of tens of thousands of rounds of serious training and competition thanks to two huge locking lugs and replaceable barrel shoulders. Its adjustable trigger, adjustable ejection-extraction, adjustable balance and (optional) adjustable comb, means the 692 can truly become an extension of your body.

A champion of adjustability
Out of the box, the 692 Black offers you an adjustable single-selective trigger and adjustable ejection or extraction so that you can customise the length to fit your preferences and shooting style. Standard on all models is adjustable balance which can be changed with weighted wads that are inserted in the buttstock; this allows you to tweak the point of balance to your ideal without any real change to the overall weight.

Designed for breaking clays
The action of the Beretta 692 was envisioned specifically to meet the needs of competitive shooters. From the side, it looks somewhat like that of Beretta's 680-series shotguns with their legendary low profile that greatly aids in aligning the dominant eye with the supporting hand. The main difference is that the 692 Black receiver sports a wider and heavier construction to offer more stability and ease of handling and to combat the natural fatigue that sets in on long matches. Also, the OptimaBore Steelium Plus barrels have a super-long (360 mm) forcing cone - meaning more durability, increased shot consistency and accuracy, and reduced recoil and muzzle rise.

MODEL: Sporting
STOCK: Standard
CALIBRE: 12Gauge
RIB: 10x8
CHOKES: Optima Choke HP