Browning B525 Citori Lite 20Ga Grade 7 28" U&O Shotgun

Calibre: 20Gauge
Make: Browning
Model: B525 Citori Lite Grade 7
Action: Break Open / Under & Over
Condition: Brand New
Serial: 31056MR131
Browning B525 Citori Lite 20Ga Grade 7 28+quot U+O Shotgun
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• Receiver - Steel, Blued finish, Full coverage high-relief Engraving is gold enhanced and includes the trigger guard, top-tang, takedown lever and bracket, .410 bore models feature quail and grouse) • Barrel - Ventilated rib • Action - Single selective trigger, Hammer ejectors, Top-tang barrel selector/safety • Stock - Gloss finish Grade VII Walnut, Lightning-style stock and forearm

The lighter gauges feature detailed Engravings of quail and grouse. The golden birds are framed in full coverage, deep swirling floral patterns, a sight to behold when cradled in your hands. The full forearm, traditional round knob, lightning style stock all testify to the genius and creative abilities of John M. Browning. Certainly, not a gun to leave in the gun safe, but one to use. This Citori is an art piece, ready for a lifetime of shooting and showing off.