Miroku MK38 Diana 12Ga U&O 30" Shotgun

Calibre: 12Gauge
Make: Miroku
Model: MK38 DIana
Action: Break Open / Under & Over
Condition: Brand New
Serial: 70265ZN
Part No.: MIROKU 38 DIANA 30&a
Price: $2,600.00
Miroku MK38 Diana 12Ga U+O 30+quot Shotgun
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The more refined, compact version in the MK38 family. Featuring slightly shorter stock dimensions to accommodate smaller framed shooters, making it ideal for ladies and juniors. You will appreciate the pattern from the Briley Spectrum Titanium chokes. The Classy Gold trigger is adjustable to further customise the fit. The blued action will scroll engraving makes this guns stand out from its peers.

TRIGGER - Adjustable
CHOKES INCLUDED - 4x Interchangable Extended Chokes
RIB WIDTH - 11-8mm step rib
SIGHTS - White Bead Front Sight
PAD - Ventilated Side Rib