Boito Reuna Extractor 410Ga Single Barrel 26in.

Calibre: 410Ga
Make: Boito
Model: Reuna
Action: Break Open / Single Barrel
Condition: Brand New
Serial: U40364216
Part No.: N315
Price: $365.00
Boito Reuna Extractor 410Ga Single Barrel 26in
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The Boito Single Barrel Shotgun, is a no nonsense firearm. It features an external hammer for cocking, with safety that blocks the hammer. Spent cases are lifted out of the chamber by the extractor for easy removal. Hardwood stock stock features rubber recoil pad. This low cost firearm is the perfect companion around the farmhouse for despatching pests. The 410 is an excellent gun for young, and beginner shooters.

Calibre: 410g
Barrel Length: 26"
Chamber: 3"
Extractor/Ejector: Extractor
Sights: Brass Bead
Stock: Hardwood