Berika BSB36 410Ga Single Barrel Fixed Full Choke 22in.

Calibre: 410Gauge
Make: Berika
Model: BSB36
Action: Break Open / Single Barrel
Condition: Brand New
Serial: B21SS0215
Part No.: N1810
Price: $295.00
Berika BSB36 410Ga Single Barrel Fixed Full Choke 22in
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Don't underestimate the might of the .410 caliber. The Berika Single Barrel Hammer Shotgun delivers impressive firepower in a compact form, making it a versatile companion for a range of shooting pursuits, from hunting to sport shooting.

Precision-engineered to deliver consistent performance, the Berika .410 Shotgun is designed with attention to detail. Its reliable hammer action ensures a crisp and dependable trigger pull, enhancing your accuracy and control with every shot.

Crafted from rugged synthetic materials, the Berika Single Barrel Hammer Shotgun is built to withstand the rigors of active shooting. From adverse weather conditions to demanding shooting environments, this shotgun is your reliable partner that won't let you down.

Experience pinpoint accuracy with the Berika .410 Shotgun. Its streamlined design and ergonomic grip contribute to natural aiming, while the single barrel design promotes focused and accurate shooting, ensuring you hit your mark with confidence.

Whether you're venturing into the wild for hunting or engaging in competitive sport shooting, the Berika .410 Single Barrel Hammer Synthetic Shotgun is your ticket to unparalleled excitement. Its compact size and impressive power make it an ideal choice for various shooting scenarios.