Lithgow LA102 Crossover Laminate/Black 223Rem 22in.

Calibre: 223Rem
Make: Lithgow
Model: LA102 Crossover
Action: Centrefire / Bolt Action
Condition: Brand New
Serial: Y14895
Part No.: N2944
Lithgow LA102 Crossover LaminateBlack 223Rem 22in
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The LA102 Crossover is a versatile multi-use mid-weight centrefire rifle. The CrossOver has an envious reputation for being very accurate which is achieved using a floated, choked, hammer forged barrel. The LA102 CrossOver trigger is adjustable for weight, sear engagement and overtravel. The barrel and action are Cerakoted, and the rifle is available with a Polymer, Walnut, or Laminate stock.

Currently available in 223Rem, 243Win, 6.5CM, and 308Win.

Proudly made in Lithgow, NSW, Australia.